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  1. Tracey@We-Made-That says

    So cool! I want to do more science project with my girls and I think this one would be really cool to try. Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

  2. sheri says

    So all the water is gone overnight out of the jars? How long until they were completely dry? Did they flake off at all? I have many kids and this will be great to do with them!!!
    Thanks for the idea!!

    • Katie says

      Actually, the water wasn’t gone at all. But the borax had left the water to crystallize on the chenille stems. It was pretty cool! The crystals do flake off somewhat though if you are not careful with them. Enjoy making them!

  3. Amy says

    I want to do this with a little group of five preschoolers. Do I have to do multiple batches of the Borax solution, or can I just make one big batch? (I’m asking because you said you did that twice since you had two jars.) Thanks!

    • Katie says

      I had two jars, but was able to hang the kids’ snowflakes together in one jar. I would suggest being careful that they don’t touch when you put them in the solution because otherwise they will stick together once the crystals form. That being said, you can make just one big batch of the borax solution and pour it into multiple jars. There’s no real need to make separate solutions for each jar. Just make enough to fill the jars you will need!

  4. Sugar Aunts says

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