Winter-themed learning & fun

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This post includes a round up of some of the winter-themed learning and fun activities we did during the individual learning time portion of homeschool preschool this past week.

Winter-themed learning & fun >> Gift of Curiosity

Winter-themed fine motor and pre-math activity

I gave XGirl this activity to work on fine motor skills, one-to-one correspondence, and colors. (Note that I eventually swapped out the tongs in this first picture for a clothespin as these tongs were too challenging for her.) I am working with XGirl to help her place the items in the containers from left to right and from top to bottom as she still often just places them in randomly.

Winter-themed fine motor practice >> Gift of Curiosity

Winter-themed fine motor practice >> Gift of Curiosity

Winter size ordering activity

XGirl also completed this winter-themed activity to work on ordering by size. (I’ve lost track of where I originally download this from. If you know, please send an email or leave a comment so I can credit the person who created this printable.) XGirl loves any opportunity to use glue so she was very excited about this activity. Six months ago when she joined our family she would have had no clue how to order these items by size, so the fact that she was able to do order by size correctly 80-90% of the time was huge progress for her!

Winter size ordering activity >> Gift of Curiosity

Winter size ordering activity >> Gift of Curiosity

Winter-themed patterning activity

QBoy worked on patterning using a printable from my Winter Printable Pack for Tots and Preschoolers. I got so busy with both kids that I missed taking any action shots of him doing this task. Nonetheless, Grandmum helped him see the pattern on each strip and then continue it by gluing the additional pictures.

Winter-themed patterning activity >> Gift of Curiosity


QBoy worked on number recognition and counting using this printable from 1+1+1=1.

Number recognition >> Gift of Curiosity

Numbers Puzzle

QBoy also worked on numbers with this winter-themed numbers puzzle from my Winter Printable Pack for Tots and Preschoolers. He is starting to recognize most of the numbers from 1 to 10, which is really exciting. With Grandmum’s help he was able to do this puzzle without too much trouble.

Winter-themed numbers puzzle >> Gift of Curiosity

Which One is Different?

Grandmum also helped QBoy do this Which One is Different? activity from my Winter Printable Pack for Tots and Preschoolers. He felt so proud every time he figured out which of the items was not like the rest.

Winter-themed "Which One is Different?" activity >> Gift of Curiosity

And that was how we spent individual learning time during homeschool preschool this week!

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  1. says

    Fantastic! Love the sized picture patterning. Thanks so much for sharing your great resources at the Winter Bucket List link-up. Hope you have a lovely winter…stay warm!

    Holli @ Full Hands, Full Hearts

  2. says

    These are awesome activities. I love the idea of using a clothespin for tongs. My toddler doesn’t quite have the finger strength for clothespins, but he is getting close. Thanks for all of your ideas.

  3. Lora says

    This is a great package, I love the use of the clothespin but what I love is the numbers sheet (1+1+1) this looks like touch math and my daughter did so well with that but still struggles with basic math facts. I will definitely be using this package for her.

    Thank you..


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