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4th of July Printable Pack || Gift of Curiosity

Growing up, my family spent many summers at our friend’s cabin celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks by the lake. Last year our family was out of the country on July 4th, so QBoy hasn’t really celebrated Independence Day yet. And XGirl joined our family just within the past year, so she also hasn’t celebrated the holiday with us. But this year I’m hopeful we’ll enjoy fireworks and some good old fashioned family fun for the 4th in order to introduce our children to this most American of holidays.

In honor of the upcoming Independence Day, today I’m making available – for free! – my 4th of July Printable Pack.

Download your copy of the
4th of July Printable Pack by clicking here

(11.9 MB – may take several minutes to download)

The 4th of July Printable Pack contains 57 activities focused on skills such as shapes and sizes, colors, same vs. different, sorting/categorizing, sequencing, puzzles, mazes, fine motor, math, and literacy. The activities are designed for kids ages 2-7. Several activities have multiple versions so you can tailor the difficulty of the activity to your child’s skill level.

4th of July Printable Pack || Gift of Curiosity


Below is a full list of activities included in the pack:

Shapes and Sizes

Shadow Matching v.1
Shadow Matching v.2
Patriotic Shape Matching
Shape Trail v.1
Shape Trail v.2
Shape Trail v.3


Star Color Activity v.1
Star Color Activity v.2
Color by Numbers

Same vs. Different

Match the Patriotic Kids
Which One is Different? v.1
Which One is Different? v.2

Sorting / Categorizing

Patriotic Hat Size Sorting
Flag Size Sequencing
4th of July Sorting Activity


4th of July Patterning Activity ABAB
4th of July Patterning Activity AABB
4th of July Patterning Activity AABAAB
Make Your Own Patterns Activity


4th of July Puzzle v.1
4th of July Puzzle v.2
4th of July Puzzle v.3
4th of July Puzzle v.4


Help the Girl Find the Flag v.1
Help the Girl Find the Flag v.2
Help the Girl Find the Flag v.3

Fine Motor

4th of July BBQ Pre-Writing Practice
Trace the Flag v.1
Trace the Flag v.2
Trace the Flag v.3
Cutting Practice v.1
Cutting Practice v.2


Star One-to-One Correspondence v.1
Star One-to-One Correspondence v.2
Flag Grid Game v.1
Flag Grid Game v.2
Star Race
Follow the 4 Number Trail
Stars Number Matching
1-20 Number Trail
Connect the Dots by Number
4th of July Counting v.1
4th of July Counting v.2
4th of July Graphing
Fireworks Dice Game
Patriotic Hat Addition v.1
Patriotic Hat Addition v.2


Patriotic Uppercase Alphabet Trail
Patriotic Lowercase Alphabet Trail
F is for Flag Letter Trail
ABC Letter Trail
Connect the Dots by Letter
Find the Flag Uppercase Alphabet Activity
Find the Flag Lowercase Alphabet Activity
4th of July Word Search v.1
4th of July Word Search v.2
4th of July Word Identification Activity


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  1. Thank you again for sharing your very cute, well designed educational materials. I plan to use some this summer to get me 3 yo read to start Montessori in the fall.

  2. Wow they are really good. Can’t believe July is coming around again!
    Thanks for sharing on MotivationalMonday

  3. This is an awesome pack! I’m going to share on facebook later in the month and pin it! The 4th of July is kind of a big deal around here! :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. This looks great.

  5. Oh I need this. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. We have lived in Germany since my youngest was 2 1/2. I was hoping to teach her about the 4th of July last year during our trip to Michigan. Unfortunately, the trip was cancelled due to her Leukemia and we were in the hospital. (She’s doing quite well now.)

    Anyway, in the hospital I asked her what colors were in the American Flag and she answered black, red and yellow. Oh……. she was so confused. Thank you for reminding me the 4th is coming fast and we need to make some flags.

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  11. What a wonderful resource! We will be trying some of it this year. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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