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Rock painting || Gift of Curiosity

Is it just my kids or do young kids in general seem to have a fascination with rocks? QBoy, in particular, is always picking up small rocks and putting them in his pocket to take home. And both kids have a bag sitting on our counter that we use to add any new rocks they have managed to pick up.

QBoy had been asking for a while to paint his rocks, so one afternoon while they kids were napping I set up a rock painting invitation to play that included:

  • paints (in our no-spill paint cups)
  • an assortment of brushes
  • a large container of water (to wash the rocks)
  • a small container of water (to wash the brushes)
  • rocks
  • a washcloth

Rock painting supplies || Gift of Curiosity

The kids noticed their painting shirts before we had gone outside, so they knew they were going to do some painting. But their eyes got really big when they saw the supplies on the table and realized they were going to be painting their rocks.

XGirl immediately took the sponge brush to paint her first rock red. I love how her lower lip is sticking out in concentration in this photo. :-)

Rock painting || Gift of Curiosity

QBoy started with yellow paint.

Rock painting || Gift of Curiosity

But eventually, he experimented with all sorts of different colors.

Rock painting || Gift of Curiosity

The kids stayed hard at work painting their rocks for quite a while. I love it when an activity engages them for as long as this one did.

Rock painting || Gift of Curiosity

After a while, QBoy surprised me by deciding to rinse off his rocks. Not to wash dirt off of new rocks, mind you, but to strip the paint off the rocks he had already painted!

Rock painting - washing the paint off || Gift of Curiosity

So then both kids decided to give their rocks a bath.

Rock painting - washing the paint off || Gift of Curiosity

And then of course, once the paint was washed off, it was time to paint them again! :-)

Rock painting || Gift of Curiosity

Eventually, the kids moved on from painting their rocks to painting their finger nails.

Painting || Gift of Curiosity

And their hands.

Painting || Gift of Curiosity

More mess to clean, but all in good fun. :-)

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  6 Responses to “Rock painting – a fun activity for kids”

  1. What a great summer time activity. We will be doing this one for sure, my daycare kids love to paint!

  2. This looks really fun! My son loves rocks and he has started a collection. We will have to paint some!

  3. Our kids would LOVE this. And would end up painting their hands too :) Thanks for sharing this with us on Share It Saturday! We are featuring your post on Saturday.
    Colleen at Sugar Aunts

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  5. What a fun activity!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

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