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3 activities for teaching shapes >> Gift of Curiosity

In this post I’m sharing three activities I have used to help XGirl and QBoy learn their shapes.

Household object shape sorting

XGirl is still working on basic shapes. For this activity, I decided to focus on having her distinguish between objects that were circles or squares. I gathered items from around the house that were either circular or square in shape, and then put them onto a tray for her to sort. To make it more fun, I had her sort them into two piles on opposite sides of the room, as XGirl loves any excuse to move around. :-)

Household object shape sorting >> Gift of Curiosity

Do-A-Dot shape sorting

I also prepared an activity for both kids that required distinguishing between shapes. I gave the kids worksheets with two shapes on them. They used our Do-A-Dot Rainbow Art Paints to paint the shapes different colors. In the picture below, XGirl is putting red dot in the circles and purple dots in the triangles. I made worksheets with basic shapes for XGirl and more advanced shapes like pentagons, hexagons, octagons, and parallelograms for QBoy.

Do-A-Dot Shape Sorting >> Gift of Curiosity

Wikki Stix shape tracing

A third shapes activity involved using Wikki Stix to trace the outlines of some shapes. I had a page of basic shapes for XGirl and more advanced shapes for QBoy. However, the spatial awareness skills needed to complete this task were difficult for XGirl, so I will plan to reintroduce this activity later when she is more ready.

Wikki Stix Shape Tracing >> Gift of Curiosity

Would you like do try some similar activities with your kids? I’m making my materials available for you to download. Get the Do-A-Dot Shape Sort printable here and the Wikki Stix Shape Tracing activity here.

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  1. This is great! My kids are learning about shapes at the moment and this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What fun shape activities. We haven’t gotten any wikki sticks yet, but I keep seeing fun activities with them We might have to finally get some. :)

    • My kids really enjoy then. Whenever QBoy studies a new letter one of his favorite learning activities is to trace the letter using his Wikki Stix.

  3. Oh we got some wikki sticks for Christmas and I have kind of been at a loss of what to use them for. This would be great to help teach my little one her shapes. I just love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

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