Preschool Math Pack Bundle


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  • All 26 Preschool Math Packs from Gift of Curiosity in one bundle
  • Savings of more than 75% compared to buying the packs individually
  • More than 1,900 pages of easy print-and-play math activities for kids ages 2 to 5
  • All activities are developmentally appropriate and aligned to preschool learning standards
  • Instant digital downloads product in PDF format



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This bundle includes 26 Preschool Math Packs from Gift of Curiosity:

9 Holiday Packs

  • Chinese New Year Preschool Math Pack
  • Christmas Preschool Math Pack
  • Earth Day Preschool Math Pack
  • Easter Preschool Math Pack
  • Halloween Preschool Math Pack
  • St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Math Pack
  • Thanksgiving Preschool Math Pack
  • Valentine’s Day Preschool Math Pack
  • 4th of July Preschool Math Pack

4 Seasonal Packs

  • Winter Preschool Math Pack
  • Spring Preschool Math Pack
  • Summer Preschool Math Pack
  • Fall Preschool Math Pack

13 Thematic Packs

  • Apple Preschool Math Pack
  • Arctic Animals Preschool Math Pack
  • Butterfly Preschool Math Pack
  • Dinosaur Preschool Math Pack
  • Farm Preschool Math Pack
  • Fire Fighter Preschool Math Pack
  • Forest Animals Preschool Math Pack
  • Insects Preschool Math Pack
  • Knights and Dragons Preschool Math Pack
  • Ocean Preschool Math Pack
  • Princess Preschool Math Pack
  • Space Preschool Math Pack
  • Zoo Animals Preschool Math Pack

Save more than 75% when you purchase the Preschool Math Pack Bundle compared to purchasing the packs individually.

What are preschool math skills?

Most of us probably think of math as adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing. And preschoolers aren’t generally ready to do this kind of math, of course.

But there are many early math concepts we want preschoolers to understand that will get them ready to start start adding and subtracting when they are older.

For example, preschoolers need to understand:

  • shapes, sizes, and patterns
  • that numbers represent amounts of objects
  • that numbers can be expressed in a variety of forms, including spoken words, written words, written number symbols, and even using fingers
  • how to compare quantities using terms like “less” and “more”
  • one-to-one correspondence (the notion that one number goes with one object when counting)

The activities in this bundle are designed to support the development and reinforcement of these important preschool math skills.

What activities are in the Preschool Math Pack Bundle?

Each pack in this bundle includes more than 75 pages of developmentally appropriate, print-and-play math activities geared toward children ages 2-5.

The activities in each pack include:


  • Finish the pattern
  • Create your own patterns


  • Circle that group that has more
  • Clip the group that has more


  • Count and clip one-to-one correspondence cards
  • Circle the group with the same number shown on the hand
  • Circle the number of objects shown on the hand
  • Grid games


  • Circle the group with same number shown: numeral recognition
  • Circle the number of objects shown: numeral recognition
  • Clip the number that is larger
  • Count the objects and match the number
  • Clip the number showing how many items there are
  • Five frames
  • Ten frames
  • Twenty frames
  • Put the number cards in order from 1 to 10


  • Sort the object by size
  • Put the objects in order from smallest to biggest
  • Measurement clip cards
  • Measurement worksheets

With the Preschool Math Pack Bundle, your preschooler will have the tools needed to develop his or her early math skills all year long!