Fun with Pigpen Cipher


  • Resources to have fun with Pigpen cipher
  • Pigpen cipher information plus encryption/decryption tool
  • Instant digital downloads product in PDF format
  • For additional worksheets that give kids practice with encoding and decoding messages using the Pigpen cipher, upgrade to the Codes and Ciphers Fun Pack


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If you have any difficulties downloading or printing this file, please see my PDF troubleshooting page.

Use this printable to translate words into Pigpen cipher or to decrypt Pigpen cipher messages back into English.

This download includes historical information about Pigpen cipher plus a key to create your own Pigpen cipher messages and translate Pigpen cipher messages into English.

For additional worksheets to get kids practicing their Pigpen cipher skills, see the Codes and Ciphers Fun Pack.

Learn more about codes and ciphers and see this printable in action here.

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