Farm Animal Families 3-Part Cards


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  • Farm Animal Families 3-part cards featuring 11 different animal families
  • Montessori
  • Instant digital downloads product in PDF format
  • This product pairs nicely with our Farm Animals 3-Part Cards



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This set of Farm Animal Families 3-Part Cards features the following 11 farm animal families:

  • sheep family
    • ewe, ram, lamb
  • cow family
    • cow, bull, calf
  • goat family
    • nanny/doe, billy/buck, kid
  • chicken family
    • hen, rooster, chick
  • pig family
    • sow, boar, piglet
  • horse family
    • mare, stallion, foal
  • donkey family
    • jenny, jack, foal
  • duck family
    • duck, drake, chick
  • goose family
    • goose, gander, gosling
  • turkey family
    • hen, tom, chick
  • rabbit family
    • doe, buck, kit

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