Density STEM Pack


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  • Density STEM Pack
  • Instructions for 9 different science activities that build upon each other to progressively develop students’ understanding of density
  • Includes teacher instructions, student instructions, and student worksheets
  • Additional resources and background information for teaching about density
  • Ideas for adapting these activities for kids from preschool through middle school
  • Blow kids’ minds with the liquid density tower or the dancing raisins!
  • Instant digital downloads product in PDF format



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This Density STEM Pack is chock full of engaging science activities to teach kids all about density! This pack features:

  • Complete instructions – including teacher instructions, student instructions, and student worksheets where applicable – for nine different activities about density. Each activity builds on the previous one to give students a coherent understanding of what density is, how to calculate density, and how to use our understanding of density to build a liquid density tower, float an egg, and make raisins dance!
  • Background information about density for the teacher
  • Information about adapting the density activities in this pack for children from preschool through middle school
  • A list of books about density to accompany your density unit

The activities in the Density STEM Pack can be adapted and used with children from preschool through middle school to learn about density through a variety of hands-on and engaging activities.

Click here to see the Sink or Float? activity in action.