Bubbles STEM Pack


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  • Bubbles STEM Pack
  • Instructions for 2 experiments about bubbles and surface tension
  • 10 Bubble Challenge Cards with easy and difficult options
  • Recipes to make long lasting bubbles
  • Fun facts about bubbles
  • Great for multi-age groups; can be adapted for kids of various ages
  • Perfect for a fun and engaging unit on bubbles that kids will love!
  • Instant digital downloads product in PDF format



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This Bubbles STEM Pack is chock full of fun bubble activities with enough fun learning activities to keep kids engaged for several hours. This pack features:

  • Complete instructions for 2 experiments about bubbles, including experiment instructions, experiment observation sheets, discussion questions, and an explanation of the science behind the experiment
    • The first experiment teaches children about surface tension
    • The second experiment helps children understand surface tension in greater detail as they explore ways to make bubbles last longer
  • 10 Bubble Challenge Cards that kids of all ages will enjoy. Each Bubble Challenge card features two sides – a front side with minimal information to provide the most challenge for kids who are ready, and a back side with greater details and photographs showing how to complete each bubble challenge
  • Two bubble recipes for making large batches of bubbles, as well as tips for achieving the best results with your bubbles
  • 10 awesome facts about bubbles that will blow your mind!

The activities in the Bubbles STEM Pack can be adapted and used with children from kindergarten through middle school to have fun with bubbles while learning scientific facts related to bubbles, surface tension, evaporation, shapes, and more.