Apple 3-Part Cards


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  • Apple 3-Part Cards featuring 8 different parts with multiple vocabulary options for several parts
  • Montessori
  • Picture-and-label cards, picture-only cards, and label-only cards
  • Instant digital downloads product in PDF format
  • This product can also be purchased as part of the Apple Unit Study bundle



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A note about the cards in this set. . .

A number of the cards show different names for the same part of the apple. This was an intentional decision so that each person could choose to introduce the vocabulary most appropriate for the students they are working with.

The 15 cards in this set represent the following 8 parts of an apple:

  • apple
  • skin / exocarp
  • core / endocarp
  • leaf
  • stem / stalk
  • flesh / pulp / mesocarp
  • seeds / pips
  • blossom end / calyx


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