Magic leprechaun rocks {St. Patrick’s Day activity}

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Growing up, St. Patrick’s day was not a particularly big deal for me or my family. Of course we wore green so we wouldn’t get pinched. But that was about the extent of our celebrations, as far as I can recall. But I’ve been inspired by so many wonderful St. Patrick’s activities I’ve seen online to do a bit more with the holiday with my own kids. And I knew this magic leprechaun rocks activity would be huge hit with both of my kids.

You might be asking: What are magic leprechaun rocks? Well, they are magic rocks that disappear in a burst of bubbles when “washed,” leaving behind some leprechaun gold.

Note: This and other St. Patrick’s activities can be found on my St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids page.

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

One day I came upon a post about “dissolving rocks” at Reading Confetti. That post provided the inspiration for my magic leprechaun rocks!

I had to prepare the magic leprechaun rocks a day in advance. I mixed approximately 1 cup of baking soda with 1/4 cup of water that had been dyed green with our liquid watercolors. Then I molded the dough into balls, sticking a gold coin in the middle as I went.

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

The dough should be moldable but not too wet. The first time I made the rocks, my dough was too wet. I laid them to dry but five minutes later they had melted into puddles. I put them back in the bowl, added more baking soda, and re-formed the rocks.

I let the rocks dry overnight and they turned into hard, green rocks.

The day we did the activity, I hid the rocks in our backyard while the kids were napping.

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

When the kids woke up, I told them that leprechauns had come and left them some surprises in our backyard. The kids couldn’t get their shoes on fast enough to go searching for their surprises!

QBoy quickly located the first magic leprechaun rock.

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

I told him, “That looks dirty, we should clean it.” And I directed him to dump it into a bowl I had filled with vinegar.

When he dropped it in, more fun ensued as the rock fizzed and bubbled up, much to the kids’ delight!

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

After seeing the magic rock, the kids eagerly gathered up the rest of the rocks hidden around our yard and added them to the bowl to be “washed.”

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

After a bit, the kids noticed the first leprechaun gold appear in the bowl.

  Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

Of course, they had to scoop them up.

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

I brought out a container for the kids to collect their leprechaun gold.

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

And the kids had all sorts of fun playing with their new leprechaun gold. :-)

Magic leprechaun rocks >> Gift of Curiosity

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  1. says

    I really appreciate your wonderful blog and the ideas you post!
    By posting this activity early (2 weeks or so) you’ve given time so that my toddler daughter and I can make these to give away to her daycare class.
    Love your blog and I love to use your activities with my daughter as time permits. Thanks for making a working mom happy!

    • says

      I’m so glad you found an activity you like in time to prepare it for your daughter’s daycare. I hope they enjoy! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. :-)

  2. says

    OMG this is the COOLEST thing ever! I bet the kids had a blast with this I mean really what kid wouldn’t! Thank you so much for sharing on We Made That! I really need to make some magic rocks for my girls!

    • says

      Thanks so much for including my magic leprechaun rocks on your Leprechaun Magic post. You’ve got a really great round up of magical St. Patrick’s ideas!

  3. says

    How fun! I am sure the kids had great time. Seems making the ball is a little tricky.
    I came from Mom’s library. Thanks for linking up. I shared in twitter and pinterest. Come visit wednesday (afternoon) to see your article featured as part of Mom’s Library round up. I just start co-hosting Mom’s Library with True Aim. thanks again for a wonderful post.

  4. Deanna says

    What a great idea!!! My son is going to LOVE this!!!!! He is enjoying your printables, too! Thanks for the great blog!

    • says

      My magic leprechaun rocks have been really popular. I bet your son will love them! And I’m glad he has been enjoying my printables too!

  5. Kimberley Dickerson says

    I saw this activity the night before our preschool Saint Patrick’s Day celebration and had to do it!!! I baked the rocks at 150 for 1 hour and they were hard and ready to go. I CAN’T WAIT for my class to engage in this activity!! Thanks for sharing!!!!


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