Kid-made ornament filled with sand

Sand-filled Christmas ornaments || Gift of Curiosity

It is our family's custom to decorate the house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Since we are all home that day - and we don't like heading out to the Black Friday sales - we spend the Friday after Thanksgiving setting up our tree, hanging the lights, and listening to Christmas music to put us in a holiday mood. My kids love decorating the Christmas tree, and over the years they have contributed a number of kid-made ornaments to our Christmas tree decorations. Today I'm sharing a simple sand-filled ornament your kids will enjoy making and you will enjoy displaying. Note: For … [Read more...]

Best gifts for kids who love LEGO!

Best gifts for kids who love LEGO || Gift of Curiosity

In the last year or so, my kids have become LEGO fanatics. We were gifted a random assortment of 30+ year old LEGOs from some relatives, and from that began my kids' interest in building and exploring with LEGOs. Over time, we have added more LEGO pieces, including a number of LEGO sets and LEGO learning kits. Below I have complied a list of 11 of the best gifts for the LEGO-loving kid in your life. On this list are ideas for fun and educational toys that will help LEGO lovers build newer and better creations, learn more from their LEGO play, and organize their LEGOs for maximum … [Read more...]

Making letters with straws and play dough {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Making letters with straws and play dough || Gift of Curiosity

If your child enjoys play dough, he or she will love the activity I'm featuring in today's installment of my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series. With a ball of play dough and some cut up straw pieces, your child will be learning letters and developing fine motor skills while having a lot of fun. I call today's activity making letters with straws and play dough. For this activity, you need some play dough and a bunch of cut up straw pieces. I cut my straw pieces to about 2" tall. Then I put the materials on a tray. My daughter began by flattening out a ball of play dough to … [Read more...]

10 simple corn crafts for kids this fall

Corn crafts for kids || Gift of Curiosity

Fall is corn harvesting time! It's also the perfect time to do a corn unit study, cook up some Indian corn popcorn, or just make some fun corn crafts. Below are 10 simple and fun corn crafts for kids that are just perfect for fall. Note: For more corn activities, see my Corn Unit Study page. Dot painted corn craft from Toddler Approved Split pea corn craft from Housing a Forest Fingerprint corn craft from 3Dinosaurs Lego stamped Indian corn from Crafty Morning Bubble wrap corn craft from Teach Me Mommy Eye dropper Indian corn craft from Cutting … [Read more...]

Indian corn popcorn in your microwave

Indian corn popcorn || Gift of Curiosity

A local farm not too far from us hosts a Harvest Festival each fall. One of the activities at the festival involves having the kids wander into the corn field to pick their own Indian corn right off the stalk. My kids harvested several ears of Indian corn at last fall's festival, and after waiting a month or two for the corn to dry, we got to make our very own Indian corn popcorn right in our microwave. The result was so cool! Plus, it was tasty and healthy (unlike most microwave popcorn sold in grocery stores). Note: For more corn activities, see my Corn Unit Study page. To … [Read more...]

Button Letters {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Button Letters || Gift of Curiosity

Sometimes I plan an activity in my head and it goes one way. Then I give it to my kids and they do something totally unexpected with it. That is what happened with this letter learning activity I call Button Letters. XGirl had her own very unique idea for how to put the buttons on the letters that was not at all what I had envisioned, but at the same time it didn't detract from the learning. So to each his (or her) own! All that is to say, the next installment of my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series involves putting buttons on letters using some free letter outlines and a bucket of … [Read more...]

Easy fall science: Sprouting Indian corn

Spouting Indian corn || Gift of Curiosity

Last fall, our family attended a harvest festival where my kids had the opportunity to go into a corn field and pick some Indian corn right off the stalk. We brought several ears of Indian corn home with us and used them for a few different projects. During our seed unit, we had previously learned that corn kernels are seeds. So we decided to do an easy fall science activity that involved sprouting Indian corn to see what would grow! But I'll confess: the first time we tried to sprout the Indian corn, our ear of corn went moldy before it did much sprouting. On our second attempt, … [Read more...]

Corn fine motor activities

Corn fine motor activities || Gift of Curiosity

Fall is a great time to use corn in your learning activities. If your little ones are still building their fine motor skills, you'll find eight corn fine motor activities below to try out this fall. Note: For more corn activities, see my Corn Unit Study page. Who knew there were so many versatile ways to use corn for developing children's fine motor skills? Check out the great corn fine motor activities below. Some of the activities are ones I did with my own kids, and some are ones I'm sharing from other creative bloggers. 1. Indian corn fine motor activity and sensory bag … [Read more...]