Sticky wall rocketship fine motor activity

Sticky wall rocketship || Gift of Curiosity

This sticky wall rocketship is a great fine motor activity as well as a great activity for talking about shapes. Because XGirl has been so interested in all things related to space, I set up this sticky wall rocketship activity for her one afternoon to indulge her interests. I was really curious to see what she would come up with. I love sticky wall activities because they make activities feel so fresh and new. Rather than doing an activity on a tabletop, they encourage kids to do activities on a vertical surface. And there is the added sensory dimension of the sticky contact paper that makes … [Read more...]

ABC and 123 Activity Cards from Hop Play {product review}

Hop Play product review || Gift of Curiosity

I'm excited to share with you some new products designed to help kids to learn their letters, numbers, shapes, and mathematical symbols. My kids and I have been enjoying our new wipe clean activity cards for learning and have found several fun, new ways to learn through play. Hop Play sent me a set of their Alphabet Wipe Clean Activity Cards and a set of their Math Wipe Clean Activity Cards to use with my children for this review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own. The Hop Play Alphabet and Math Wipe Clean Activity Cards are different from other … [Read more...]

Earth Day Bingo {free printables}

Earth Day Bingo || Gift of Curiosity

Bingo is such a classic kids' game. We've played many different versions of Bingo, and it always makes for a fun time with my kids. Today I'm offering an Earth Day twist on this classic game with my free Earth Day Bingo game printable. I hope this game will spark some great conversations about ways that we can all help protect the Earth. Note: For more Earth Day printables, see my Earth Day Activities for Kids page. My Earth Day Bingo game printable features a total of 10 different playing cards. Here is a sneak peak at them: And here is a sneak peak at the calling cards used for … [Read more...]

Montessori landform activities

Montessori landform activities || Gift of Curiosity

My kids and I have been doing a variety of geography activities this year. Although geography was never something I had much interest in before, I have to say that geography has been one of our favorite subjects. I was so excited to get into the Montessori landforms lessons with my kids. I had seen so many cool ideas for teaching landforms and I was excited to introduce them to my kids. In this post I'm sharing 5 different Montessori-inspired activities we did to learn about landforms. Note: You can find more kid-friendly geography activities on my Geography Unit Study page. Most of … [Read more...]

Teach the continents by making a globe

Continents globe || Gift of Curiosity

The kids and I did a number of activities to help them learn the seven continents. However, making a globe was by far our favorite! This project was completed over several days, and the kids were so proud of their work. Note: You can find more kid-friendly geography activities on my geography unit study page.  To make our globes, we gathered the following materials: Lots of glue Water Container to mix glue and water Balloons Blue tissue paper, cut into strips Paint brushes to apply the glue and tissue paper Newspaper to keep our work surface clean Montessori world map … [Read more...]

Measuring silkworms {insect math}

Measuring silkworms || Gift of Curiosity

Last spring we had the opportunity to raise silkworms for the second time. We brought them home when they were silkworms, and we cared for them until they turned into silkworm moths that mated, laid eggs, and eventually died. (See this post and this post to learn more about our experience raising silkworms.) When we brought our silkworms home, they were tiny little things. From experience I knew they would grow quite a bit during their time in our care, and I decided to use their growth as a way to help my kids practice some basic math skills. I believe math is best taught in context so that … [Read more...]

Animals and their continents geography activity

Animals and their continents || Gift of Curiosity

I previously posted about several simple Montessori continents activities I did with my kids to help them learn the continents. Since my kids have been enjoying our geography lessons so much, I decided to continue the learning with this activity about animals and their continents. The goals of this activity were twofold: First, to reinforce the names and locations of each of the seven continents, and second, to help my kids understand that different animals can be found on each continent. Both QBoy and XGirl ended up enjoying this activity quite a bit. I hope your children will enjoy it just … [Read more...]

DIY worm tower kids can make

Worm tower || Gift of Curiosity

Did you know that earthworms are very important for soil health? Through their role as decomposers, they provide fertilizer that enriches the soil. Through their burrowing activity, they create multitudes of channels in the soil that support aeration and drainage. Earthworms are truly under appreciated members of our backyard ecosystems. While learning about plants, my kids and I took a sideways detour to talk about soil health, including the role played by earthworms. To enhance that learning, we created this fun little worm tower kids can make with a bit of adult help. We learned how to … [Read more...]