Christmas Sudoku Puzzles {free Christmas printables}

Christmas Sudoku Printables || Gift of Curiosity

I used to be a serious Sudoku fanatic, although I rarely play anymore. (I'm just a tad busy with homeschooling and blogging, LOL!) But in an effort to pass my love for Sudoku on to another generation, I have created these Christmas Sudoku puzzles that I am sharing with you! I hope your kids will enjoy my Christmas Sudoku puzzles as they give their brains a workout. Note: For more Christmas printables and activities, see my Christmas Activities for Kids page. Sudoku is a great way to exercise one's brain with fun, engaging, puzzles that stimulate critical thinking and cognitive skills. The … [Read more...]

Best gifts for teaching shapes

Best gifts for teaching shapes || Gift of Curiosity

Squares. Circles. Triangles. Rectangles. Shapes are literally everywhere we look, and kids need to learn them. Fortunately, learning shapes can actually be a lot of fun! (For proof that learning shapes can be fun, see this post, this post, and this post.) Below I have complied a list of 10 of the best gifts for teaching shapes. On this list are ideas for fun and educational toys that will help kids ages 1 and up learn to identify and understand 2-D and 3-D shapes of all kinds. Note: For more great gift ideas for kids of all ages and interests, see my gift guides page. Fisher-Price … [Read more...]

Gingerbread man sensory bags

Gingerbread man sensory bag || Gift of Curiosity

When December rolls around each year, I can practically smell the scent of gingerbread in the air. Somehow, across the ages, gingerbread men became known as a Christmas cookie. That's why it was so fun to make these gingerbread man sensory bags for some Christmas sensory play. We have made sensory bags before, including some Christmas tree sensory bags two years ago. My kids always enjoy them, so they were very excited to make these gingerbread man sensory bags as well. Note: For more Christmas activities your kids will love, see my Christmas Activities for Kids page. To make our … [Read more...]

DIY 3-D color cube puzzle

3-D color cube puzzle || Gift of Curiosity

The idea to create this 3-D color cube puzzle came straight out of our Spielgaben curriculum manuals. It reminded me a lot of the old Rubik's Cube I used to play with while growing up. (A Rubik's Cube is a deceptively difficult puzzle where the goal is to get the nine squares on each side of the cube to all have the same color.) From my kids' perspective, this was a fun little puzzle for them to tackle. From my perspective, aside from the nostalgia factor, this was a great little activity to work on 3-D shapes, with a focus on cubes. Note: Find more fun shape learning ideas on my teaching … [Read more...]

Best gifts for teaching letters

Best gifts for teaching letters || Gift of Curiosity

Sometimes I absolutely marvel at the fact that kids ever learn to read. This is especially true for learning to read in English, with all of its funky spelling rules and numerous exceptions. (Sometimes I wish we all spoke Spanish, which is a MUCH easier language to learn to read!) But somehow, year after year, kids learn to read. And research shows that kids who know their letters and the sounds they make have a much easier time learning to read. Fortunately, it is possible - and often quite simple - to teach children their letters through play and other fun interactions. Exposing kids to … [Read more...]

Christmas search games {free customizable printable}

Christmas search games printable || Gift of Curiosity

My printable search games continue to be very popular with both QBoy and XGirl. They enjoyed both the Halloween Search Games and Thanksgiving Search Games I created for them, and the Christmas Search Games are proving to be popular as well. Search games are fun hide-and-seek games that allow kids to practice skills such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sight words, math facts, and much more. I have now created a fully customizable set of six different Christmas Search Games that I am sharing with you in the hopes that your children will enjoy them as much as my children have. Note: For … [Read more...]

Sand shapes: an art & fine motor activity

Sand shapes || Gift of Curiosity

This sand shapes project was a fun and simple little activity I put out on our shelves. It combines shapes, art, and fine motor skills into one fun activity. XGirl, in particularly, had a lot of fun creating sand shapes. Note: For more ideas to help kids learn their shapes, see my Teaching Shapes to Kids page. For this activity, I prepared the following materials on a tray: Craft sand (I set out three different colors) Several of our Montessori shapes insets Squares of clear contact paper (cut to the same size as the Montessori shapes insets) To make it easier for my kids to … [Read more...]

Best gifts for developing children’s math concepts

Best gifts for developing math concepts || Gift of Curiosity

Did you know that even young babies are capable of completing basic addition and subtraction problems? (If you want proof of this, see this article and this PDF.) I am fascinated by all the early math concepts that children can develop through play, as well as the connection between children's early understanding of math and their later math achievement. Early math concepts that children pick up through play and the handling of appropriate toys and educational materials include: an understanding of size and shape the ability to spot patterns and make predictions based on … [Read more...]