Letter Puzzles {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Letter Puzzles || Gift of Curiosity

Neither of my children have ever been particularly fond of puzzles. So that is why I was surprised - in a good way! - to see them enjoy these letter puzzles so much. In fact, they both kept asking to do "another one" and "another one." With any luck, your children will enjoy my letter puzzles as much as mine did! Therefore, the next installment in my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series is Letter Puzzles. Letter puzzles are not only a great way to teach the alphabet, they also support the development of children's spatial awareness skills. You can grab your free printable Letter Puzzles at … [Read more...]

Tissue paper-decorated pumpkins

Tissue paper pumpkins || Gift of Curiosity

Are you looking for a fun way to decorate pumpkins that does not involve carving? Last week I shared a post featuring our drip painted pumpkins. And this week I'm sharing another kid-friendly and creative way to decorate pumpkins - tissue paper pumpkins! For this activity, I gathered the following materials: A pumpkin for each kid A large paint brush Some watered down glue (I added a bit of water to the glue to make it runny) Tissue paper squares I showed my kids two different ways to apply the tissue paper squares to their pumpkins. The first way was to brush the glue onto … [Read more...]

Describe a pumpkin using all five senses {fall science + free printable}

Describe a pumpkin using all five senses || Gift of Curiosity

One of the ways I like to challenge my kids as little scientists is to have them describe objects with as rich of detail as possible. Describing the properties of objects is also an important learning objective in science classrooms.  Below I share a fun fall activity that uses a pumpkin to develop these important scientific skills. For this activity, I printed out a copy of the Describe a Pumpkin Worksheet for each of my kids. (There is a link to download a copy of this printable at the end of the post.) I set out the worksheet along with a pumpkin and a pen, and then invited my kids … [Read more...]

Ghost bubbles {Halloween science and fun}

Ghost bubbles || Gift of Curiosity

It is not every day that my kids and I do an activity so amazing that I keep saying things like, "Wow!" and "So cool!" and "Holy cow!" over and over. Nonetheless, that is exactly what happened last Halloween when we made these AWESOME ghost bubbles. What are ghost bubbles? They are opaque bubbles filled with fog rather than air. (The "fog" is actually gaseous carbon dioxide from dry ice.) Ghost bubbles have an ethereal quality to them, and they were loads of fun to make and play with. If you have ever looked for a fun way to add some learning and fun to Halloween, find out how you can make … [Read more...]

Alphabet crayon rubbings {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Alphabet crayon rubbings || Gift of Curiosity

For young children, learning letters should be fun. There are so many creative ways to teach letters to kids that there's just no excuse for making letter learning boring. If you are stuck for ideas on how to make letter learning fun, you are in luck! Each week I am sharing another fun idea for teaching the alphabet in creative and engaging ways that kids love. The next installment in my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series is an activity I call Alphabet Crayon Rubbings. I like this activity because it doubles as a fun fine motor exercise in addition to giving kids the chance to learn … [Read more...]

Drip-painted pumpkins: an awesome new way to decorate pumpkins for Halloween!

Drip-painted pumpkins || Gift of Curiosity

I love carving pumpkins as much as the next person. But after years of carving pumpkins, carving was starting to feel a little ho-hum. So I was looking for a different way to decorate pumpkins for Halloween. Fortunately, I discovered drip-painted pumpkins as a fun (and less messy!) way of creating some beautiful Halloween pumpkins. Note: For more kid-friendly Halloween crafts, see my Halloween activities for Kids page. We decided to use our mini-pumpkins as the "canvass" for our drip paintings. I set them on a tray covered in newsprint to contain the mess. Then I invited my kids … [Read more...]

Halloween Bingo game {free printables}

Halloween Bingo || Gift of Curiosity

Halloween is approaching! If you'd like to engage the kids in some Halloween fun that doesn't involve candy or costumes, my free Halloween Bingo game may be just the thing you need! In fact, playing Halloween Bingo can be quite educational. They learn to listen well, match pictures, and read words (if they are old enough). And did you know that playing Bingo can help children develop their executive functioning skills? Executive functioning skills are controlled by the frontal cortex of the brain, and they are integral to the development of important skills such as impulse control. (We all … [Read more...]

19 books about pumpkins for kids

19 books for kids about pumpkins || Gift of Curiosity

Sometime around the beginning of October, pumpkins start to appear. In grocery stores, at the hardware store, and, of course, at the pumpkin patch, pumpkins are everywhere in early fall! While pumpkins may be most prized for their ability to be carved into jack-o-lanterns, they are actually rather fascinating fruits to study in and of themselves. If you or your children will be learning about pumpkins this fall, check out my review below of 19 books about pumpkins for kids. These children's books about pumpkins include both non-fiction and fiction selections. Non-fiction books about … [Read more...]