Sight word ball toss game

Sight word ball toss game || Gift of Curiosity

QBoy is in a sensitive period for language right now, and his reading skills are just exploding. He is sounding out words left and right, and his sight word vocabulary is growing quickly as well. This sight word ball toss game was a fun way for him to practice his reading skills in a very active way. Anytime I can combine gross motor play with literacy learning, it's a win-win in my book! XGirl also got to join in the fun to focus on learning her letters. This game can easily be adapted to practice a whole variety of skills from letter learning to sight words to math facts and … [Read more...]

Apple Do-a-Dot Printables

Apple Do-a-Dot Printables || Gift of Curiosity

Apple season is soon to be in full swing. Our family is looking forward to doing some apple picking again this year.  My kids have already been asking me if we can bake apple crisp with the apples we pick. To help you plan some apple-themed learning for the young children in your life, I've created an Apple Do-a-Dot Printables pack. I hope you and your children will enjoy using these apple do-a-dot worksheets for learning and fun. Note: For more do-a-dot printables, see my do-a-dot printables page. Plus, see my post sharing 15+ ideas for using do-a-dot markers for learning.  My … [Read more...]

Apple coffee filter craft

Apple coffee filter craft || Gift of Curiosity

Apple season is quickly approaching, which means it is a great time to do apple crafts with your kids. This is a simple apple coffee filter craft that results in some beautiful apple artwork through a process called chromatography. My kids and I had previously done a coffee filter chromatography project. But on this occasion, I thought we would mix it up by trying the coffee filter chromatography craft again using an apple twist. Note: For more kid-friendly apple activities, see my Apple Unit Study page.  To do this activity, each kid grabbed a tray with the following … [Read more...]

Apple rotting experiment {apple science}

Apple rotting experiment || Gift of Curiosity

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I love doing science activities with my kids. I truly believe that all kids are scientists at heart, since kids show such tremendous curiosity and desire to understand the world around them. Well, given my love for science I was excited to try this apple rotting experiment with them so they could observe what would happen to an apple under various conditions. Note: For more apple activities, see my apple unit study page.   For this experiment, I sliced and cored an apple into four quarters. I then placed one quarter into each of four … [Read more...]

Apple-themed learning activities {Weekly Kids’ Co-op}

Apple-themed learning activities || Gift of Curiosity

It's starting to look a lot like apple season! A number of apple crafts, recipes, and activities were shared at last week's Weekly Kids' Co-op, which tells me that a lot of bloggers have apples on the mind as we head into September. This week I'm sharing several apple-themed learning activities to inspire you! These apple-themed learning activities will help your kids to learn their letters, practice counting, work on patterning, build their phonics skills, and learn some science. How do you plan to incorporate apples into your learning time this year? Note: For more apple activities, … [Read more...]

Apple tissue paper craft

Apple tissue paper prints || Gift of Curiosity

This was a simple apple tissue paper craft we did that involved "painting" using water and tissue paper. It was a totally new way of doing art for us, and my kids loved having an apple craft to show off at the end. Note: For more apple activities, see my apple unit study page.   To make our apple tissue paper prints, I started by giving each kid a tray with the following materials: A printed apple outline (which you can download here) A spray bottle filled with water Tissue paper squares The kids started by turning the apple outline upside down, so they were looking at the … [Read more...]

14 books about apples for kids

14 books about apples for kids || Gift of Curiosity

It's apple season, which means it's time to find the best books about apples to share with your kids! Over time, we've read a lot of different children's books about apples. Below I have reviewed 14 books about apples for kids that include both fiction and non-fiction selections for you to choose from. Note: For more apple learning resources, see my Apple Unit Study page.  This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosures for more information. How Do Apples Grow? by Betsy Maestro From the Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science series, this book provides wonderful details about … [Read more...]

Princess Do-a-Dot Printables

Princess Do-a-Dot Printables || Gift of Curiosity

My daughter is a fan of princesses. Some girls eat, sleep and breathe princesses - that isn't the case with my daughter. But she still loves to dress up as a princess and play princess-themed games. I created this Princess Do-a-Dot Printables Pack for my daughter and all the other princess-loving kids out there. I have seen my own daughter get more excited about a learning activity that involves princesses. So it is my hope that other princess-loving kids will be inspired to learn their letters, numbers, shapes, and more with the princess worksheets included in this pack. Note: For more … [Read more...]