Christmas I Spy {free Christmas printables}


I'm excited to release my latest Christmas printable - a set of Christmas I Spy games for your children to enjoy! These will be a nice addition to your learning activities this December. I Spy games support the development of visual discrimination skills and counting skills. So your kids will be learning while they have fun with this Christmas I Spy game. Note: For more Christmas activities your kids will love, see my Christmas Activities for Kids page. There are a total of three printable games in the Christmas I Spy download, with three different levels of difficulty. This allows you to … [Read more...]

Crystallized candy canes {Christmas STEAM activity}


These crystallized candy canes are a perfect Christmas STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) activity to support hands-on learning learning during the holidays. I've developed a real passion for STEAM education over the last year, teaching integrated STEAM classes to homeschoolers in addition to doing STEAM projects with my kids. These crystallized candy canes are one STEAM activity your kids will enjoy so much they won't even realize they are learning! Note: For more Christmas activities your kids will love, see my Christmas Activities for Kids page. Materials … [Read more...]

30 simple Christmas ornaments kids can make


Decorating the house for the holidays is something of a family tradition for us. We usually put up our tree and all our decorations the day after Thanksgiving. My kids love to help with putting the ornaments on the tree. And the most special ornaments are ones they have made in years past. In this post I'm sharing 30 simple and beautiful Christmas ornaments that kids can make this holiday season. Note: For more Christmas activities your kids will love, see my Christmas Activities for Kids page. The fabulous Christmas ornaments featured below are all simple but beautiful crafts … [Read more...]

Starry Night Letters {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}


This alphabet activity will appeal to kids who love the night sky as well as kids who enjoy playing with stickers. As an added bonus, kids also produce a nice little art project while doing this activity. In this week's installment of my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series, I am sharing a very simple activity called Starry Night Letters. For this activity, you need the following: Black construction paper (for the night sky) Star stickers (we used foam star stickers) Permanent marker (to write letters on the stars) Start by writing letters on the stars. Write letters … [Read more...]

Yarn and Mod Podge Christmas tree craft


Can you believe that despite years of crafting I had never used Mod Podge until we did this Christmas craft? My kids got some Mod Podge as part of a gift exchange and we decided to put it to the test by building a yarn and Mod Podge Christmas tree craft for the holidays. Note: For more Christmas activities your kids will love, see my Christmas Activities for Kids page. To make a yarn and Mod Podge Christmas tree, you will need the following materials: Cardboard cone (this tall one is similar to what we used, but I like the price of these shorter ones for groups of kids) … [Read more...]

20+ books about adoption to share with children


Did you know that November is National Adoption Month in the United States? Both of my children were adopted, and from the very beginning we have been sharing stories with them to normalize adoption, help them understand their stories, and support them to feel proud of their beginnings. In this post I am sharing a collection of books about adoption that are perfect for sharing with children. If your children are adopted, it is important to communicate with them early and often about their adoption story. But even if you don't have adopted children, these books will help all children … [Read more...]

Color the Letters {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}


This is a super simple letter learning activity, but it will appeal to children who love to color. In the next installment of my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series I am sharing a free printable activity called Color the Letters. This activity works on letter recognition, letter formation, fine motor skills, and even color identification. I hope your kids have fun with this one! Setting up this activity is simple. Print out the letter tracing worksheet. And print out one set of letter tiles (pick the color scheme you think your child will like best). You will also need … [Read more...]

Cut Up Art – a 3 step art technique for kids (& giveaway!)


Do your kids love doing art? Or do they hesitate to put paint to paper because their art might not come out just the way they want it? Cut Up Art is a technique that can help even young perfectionists feel comfortable with the artistic process, because the art they create initially will be cut and changed into something else to create the end product. Therefore, there's no need for their paintings to be perfect! But even if you don't have a reluctant artist on your hands, your child will still enjoy this Cut Up Art technique because it uses several art mediums and provides a beautiful … [Read more...]