Children’s books about starting school

9 children's books about starting school || Gift of Curiosity

Do you have a child who will be starting school this fall? A new preschooler, perhaps? Or a student about to enter kindergarten? My kids will both be transitioning away from their preschool to a new school this fall as QBoy begins kindergarten and XGirl begins transitional kindergarten. Although my kids will only attend their new school one day a week (since I will homeschool them the rest of the week), they are already feeling a bit nervous about the transition. We've been reading a variety of children's books about starting school to help prepare them for this new educational adventure … [Read more...]

Princess Printables Pack

Princess Printables Pack Cover

This Princess Printables Pack is for all the kids, including my daughter, who love princesses. XGirl was so, so excited when she saw me making this pack on the computer. She kept asking when it would be done and when we could do her "princess activities." And to say she was a happy girl when I printed them off for the first time would be an understatement. But of course I couldn't keep the princess fun all to myself. :-) So if you have children who enjoy princesses like my XGirl does, this Princess Printables Pack is for them. Note: For more kid-friendly printables, see my Educational … [Read more...]

Mouse Paint unit study {Ivy Kids review}

Mouse Paint unit study || Gift of Curiosity

This is a sponsored post. I received the July and August Ivy Kids Kits as compensation for writing a review about Ivy Kids. I was not required to write a positive view, and all opinions expressed here are my own.  I am a big fan of doing unit studies with my kids. So I was excited to learn recently of a new resource that will be invaluable to me and other parents/caregivers who would like to do comprehensive, literature-based unit studies: Ivy Kids. Ivy Kids is a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. The Ivy Kids kits are created and certified by early childhood … [Read more...]

Activities that develop fine motor skills {Weekly Kids’ Co-op}

Activities that develop fine motor skills || Gift of Curiosity

In early childhood circles you will hear a lot about the importance of developing children's fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are abilities involving fine movement of the hands and fingers. Fine motor activities, then, are those that engage children's hands and fingers in small movement tasks. Indeed, there are tons of activities that develop fine motor skills. Why are fine motor skills so important? For one thing, children who do not have well developed fine motor skills will struggle with learning to write when they get to school. A child who cannot hold a pencil will have a difficult … [Read more...]

Rainbow bubbles {outdoor art and water play}

Rainbow bubbles || Gift of Curiosity

On hot summer days, I love taking the kids to the backyard for some water play. We have a small plastic pool that we can fill up with water, and the kids just have a blast out there. But on this particular occasion, I decided to mix it up a bit. Instead of doing plain old water play, I added soap and Colorations Liquid Watercolor Paints to make rainbow bubbles. This was a huge hit with my kids! To make rainbow bubbles, we started by putting lots of dish soap in our plastic swimming pool. I added a bit of water to create some bubbles. Then we sprayed liquid watercolors on the bubbles … [Read more...]

Watermelon Do-a-Dot Printables

Watermelon Do-a-Dot Printables || Gift of Curiosity

Watermelon is a perfect summer fruit - red, juicy, and all around delicious! Growing up, watermelon was always such a delicious treat on a hot summer day. I have very fond memories of eating watermelon and saving the black seeds for watermelon spitting contests. :-) If your children love watermelon as much as my kids do, they should enjoy my latest do-a-dot printables featuring this delicious summer fruit. I hope that my Watermelon Do-a-Dot Printables will inspire young watermelon lovers to do a little summer learning. Note: For more do-a-dot printables, see my do-a-dot printables page. … [Read more...]

Books about the five senses for kids

Books about the five senses for kids || Gift of Curiosity

My kids and I recently finished a unit on the five senses. As part of that unit, I had the opportunity to review a number of books about the five senses for kids. In this post I'm sharing a description of six books and three series all focused on the five senses. For each book or series, I have noted the appropriate age range from preschooler through late elementary school. If you are planning a five senses unit with your kids or students, I'm sure you'll find some appropriate children's books about the five senses from this list below! Note: To see all of the posts related to our five … [Read more...]

Edible and taste-safe activities for kids {Weekly Kids’ Co-op}

Edible and taste-safe activities for kids || Gift of Curiosity

Lots of parents are looking for edible and taste-safe activities for their kids. This might be because their kids still put everything in their mouths. This might be because they want to avoid exposing their children harmful toxins. This might be to encourage picky eaters to try new tastes. Whatever the reason, there were some great activities shared at last week's Kids' Co-op that were edible and/or taste-safe for young kids. Check out the great ideas below! Note: These activities may not be safe for children with food allergies or  food sensitivities, or for children who do not … [Read more...]

My five senses activities {free five senses printables}

My 5 Senses Printable Activity Book || Gift of Curiosity

My kids and I recently wrapped up our five senses unit. During this unit, we did a number of different activities to learn about each of the five senses in a hands-on way. I have shared all of our five senses activities on my five senses unit study page. Check it out for lots more great activities and printables you can use with your kids! In this post I'm sharing some of the culminating activities we did to wrap up our five senses unit, including a sorting activity and a book making activity. Below, you'll find links to free five senses printables so you can do these activities as well. … [Read more...]

Ant 3-Part Cards

Ant 3-part cards || Gift of Curiosity

Of all the learning units my kids and I have done together in our homeschool preschool, our insect units have to be my favorite. To date we have studied ants, butterflies, ladybugs, and silkworms. I think the reason I have enjoyed our insect units so much is because we have had the chance to bring these insects into our home and watch their life cycle unfold in front of us. Of the insect units we have done so far, our ant unit has been the most extensive. Among many other activities, we spent some time learning about the anatomy of an ant with the printable I shared in this post. I … [Read more...]