Sand in a bottle craft

Sand in a bottle || Gift of Curiosity

When pirates aren't on their ship, they are usually near the ocean. In my mind, ocean equals beach equals sand. So when we were doing our pirates unit, I thought it would be fun to create this sand in a bottle craft. :-) Although we did this craft as a tie-in to our pirate unit, it would also be a great way to talk about the layers of the earth and to show kids what happens in an earthquake. Note: For more fun craft ideas, see my arts and crafts for kids page.  To make our sand in a bottle crafts, we gathered the following materials: Craft sand in a variety of colors Tall, thin … [Read more...]

3 fun ways to decorate pumpkins with kids {Weekly Kids’ Co-op}

3 fun ways to decorate pumpkins || Gift of Curiosity

Our family loves to carve pumpkins, and we plan to do so again this year. But carving is certainly not the only way to decorate a pumpkin! Check out these 3 fun ways to decorate pumpkins that have been shared at the Weekly Kids' Co-op. What will inspire you and your children this week? Note: For more kid-friendly Halloween activities see my Halloween Activities for Kids page. I love these sensory pumpkins from A Little Pinch of Perfect! These would be so fun to touch and explore once they were dry! If you enjoy looking at the stars in the evening, you'll love this idea for … [Read more...]

Pirate ship fine motor craft

Sew your own pirate ship fine motor craft || Gift of Curiosity

During our pirate unit, we learned a lot about life on pirate ships. Ships, of course, were central to pirates' lives and were where they spent a great deal of their time. This is a simple pirate ship fine motor craft that kids of all ages can make. The best part is that kids can customize this craft to their liking and make the pirate ship reflect their own sense of style. Note: You can find more pirate-themed activities on my Pirate Unit Study page.  I started by cutting two half-ellipses from a grocery store bag in order to make the body of each boat. I explained to my kids that … [Read more...]

Egg carton jack-o-lantern craft for Halloween

Egg carton jack-o-lantern craft || Gift of Curiosity

My kids and I did this egg carton jack-o-lantern craft last year right before Halloween. This Halloween craft is simple, fun, and low-cost, and it totally put my kids in the Halloween spirit.  Check out how we made these egg carton jack-o-lanterns below! Note: For more kid-friendly Halloween crafts, see my Halloween activities for Kids page.  I did some initial prep work by cutting up out the cups of an egg carton. Once I had the twelve cups cut out, I set them on trays and gave my kids some orange paint and paint brushes. The kids painting the egg carton cups orange to turn them … [Read more...]

Halloween Sudoku puzzles {free Halloween printables}

Halloween Sudoku || Gift of Curiosity

It has been a long time since I've created a Sudoku game to share with my readers. But with Halloween approaching, I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate pumpkins, witches, and haunted houses with my Halloween Sudoku game. Sudoku is a great way to exercise one's brain with fun, engaging, puzzles that stimulate critical thinking and cognitive skills. I hope your kids will enjoy my Halloween Sudoku puzzles while they give their brains a workout. Note: You can find more Halloween printables on my Halloween Activities for Kids page. I used to be a total Sudoku fanatic, although I … [Read more...]

The magic ghost {Halloween science}

The magic ghost || Gift of Curiosity

I call this activity the "magic ghost" because doing this activity will make a "ghost" magically appear before your eyes. Of course, the magic ghost isn't really magic at all. Instead, it's just some good old fashioned Halloween science at work. But the effect is awesome, and this activity got squeals of delight out of my kids. The magic ghost is super simple to do - there's a good chance you already have everything you need to do this Halloween science activity! Note: You can find more Halloween activities on my Halloween Activities for Kids page. These are the supplies you need to do … [Read more...]

Kid-friendly Halloween decorations

Kid-friendly Halloween decorations || Gift of Curiosity

My kids get really excited about decorating our house for the holidays. In fact, they were asking to put up our Halloween decorations back in September. I, however, said they had to wait until October. :-) Well, October rolled around and they spent a very happy afternoon bringing our Halloween decorations out of storage and arranging them in our living room and on the front porch. One of the highlights for me was seeing all the Halloween crafts they had created in previous years. It was fun to see their work from a younger age and see how far they have progressed in their skills over … [Read more...]

Halloween search games {free customizable printable}

Halloween search games || Gift of Curiosity

Some of the most popular games in our house right now are search games. What are search games? Search games, as we play them, are a fun hide-and-seek game that allows kids to practice skills such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sight words, math facts, and much more. I have now created a fully customizable set of six different Halloween search games that I am sharing with you in the hopes that your children will enjoy them as much as my children have. Note: You can find more Halloween activities on my Halloween Activities for Kids page. Many of my printable packs includes search … [Read more...]