Apple taste testing (with free Exploring Apples! printable)

Apple taste testing with free exploring apples printable || Gift of Curiosity

Last fall, our family went apple picking at the Swanton Pacific Ranch about an hour's drive from our home. They have a grove of organic, u-pick apples with a ton of different varieties that mature between August and October. After enjoying a morning of apple picking, we came home to do some apple taste testing. My goals were for my kids to understand that different apples have different tastes, to compare the different tastes, and to decide which flavor of apple they liked best. I also wanted them to record their experience with each apple in a scientific manner. Apple picking was a blast! … [Read more...]

Nature-inspired crafts for kids

Nature-inspired crafts for kids || Gift of Curiosity

This week I'm taking a cue from nature. Nature often provides wonderful inspiration for art. Whether a sunset or a flower or an insect, nature provides a veritable feast for the eyes to inspire an artist's imagination and creativity. So this week I'm highlighting four nature-inspired crafts for kids that were shared by some very talented bloggers at last week's Weekly Kids' Co-op. Note: For more kid-friendly art projects, see my arts and crafts for kids page.  Butterfly craft made from magazine pages from Theres Just One Mommy Fun fruit art from Craftulate Sunflower … [Read more...]

Color Zoo unit study {Ivy Kids review}

Color Zoo unit study || Gift of Curiosity

This is a sponsored post. I received the September Ivy Kids Kit as compensation for writing a review about Ivy Kids. I was not required to write a positive view, and all opinions expressed here are my own.  I love doing unit studies with my kids. In a previous post, I discussed the benefits of doing literature-based unit studies with kids. In that same post, I shared our experience doing an Ivy Kids-inspired unit study based on the book Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan. I have also shared our experience doing an Ivy Kids-inspired unit study based on the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll … [Read more...]

Apple outlines {free printable}

Apple outlines || Gift of Curiosity

Sometimes when you are doing an art project, the only thing you want or need is a simple outline illustration. Indeed, it was that sentiment that led me to create these apple outlines printables. You can use these apple outlines to create all kinds of creative apple-themed art. You can draw within the outlines or cut the outlines out to surround your own artwork. The outlines come in both red and green colors, as well as large, medium, and small sizes. Here is a sneak peak at the pages included in this download: NOTE: If you have any trouble downloading, opening, or printing your … [Read more...]

Apple Printable Pack

Apple Printable Pack cover

Apple season is soon to be upon us. I look forward to the next months when the grocery store is once again filled with a wide variety of delicious, juicy apples for us to eat. Last year our family went apple picking for the first time. We brought home 24 pounds of sweet, ripe apples and had so much fun making apple sauce, apple crisp, and other apple desserts. Now that apple season is rolling around again, I thought it was time to release an Apple Printable Pack with plenty of activities to keep little ones learning while they experience apple season. Note: For a full list of printables … [Read more...]

Put the clothes on the 3-D shapes

Put the clothes on the 3-D shapes || Gift of Curiosity

One of my recent goals has been to think up playful ways of teaching 3-D shapes to my kids. We previously did some fun activities to learn about 3-D shapes through play, and I wanted to continue building on those lessons. The activity I'm featuring today uses the 3-D wooden blocks from our Spielgaben set and was based on an activity listed in the curriculum materials that come with the Spielgaben set. I call this activity "Put the clothes on the 3-D shapes." It is a fantastic way to help kids focus on the shapes that make up the sides of a 3-D object. It is also playful, so kids don't even … [Read more...]

10 science activities to amuse, amaze, educate, and delight

10 fun and educational science activities to do with young kids || Gift of Curiosity

One of the things I most love to share on my blog are science activities for kids. I love using science as a tool for helping my children to discover the world around them. This week I'm over at The Pleasantest Thing sharing 10 science activities that will amaze, amuse, educate, and delight your kids. Click on over now to see all the fun science activities for kids I've shared! Most of them are super simple to do, and these activities will be a hit with kids from preschoolers through late elementary students! … [Read more...]

Back-to-school tips and ideas from the Weekly Kids’ Co-op

Back-to-school with the Weekly Kids' Co-op || Gift of Curiosity

My kids started school this year.  QBoy is now in kindergarten and XGirl is now in transitional kindergarten (a California-specific program for kids with fall birthdays).  We are homeschooling this year through our district's home study program, and I'm super excited (although a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility, as well!). As a homeschooling family, our back-to-school experience isn't exactly traditional. But I know that lots of families have already or are preparing to send their kids off to traditional schools in the weeks to come. Fortunately, the bloggers who contribute to the … [Read more...]