Hot glue letters {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Hot Glue Letters || Gift of Curiosity

In this week's installment of my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series, I'm sharing a DIY alphabet making opportunity to create your own letters your kids and manipulate and play with.   So before I say anything else, let's start with two caveats: First, It took me a few tries to find the right surface for making these hot glue letters. I tried making them on wax paper and also on cling wrap, but it was too difficult to peel the letters from the surface once they were dry. Eventually I decided to try making the hot glue letters on one of our trays. This actually worked fairly … [Read more...]

50+ awesome space activities for kids

50+ space activities for kids || Gift of Curiosity

When my daughter became interested in space a while back, I put together a fun space unit with lots of fun space activities for kids. I used resources from all over the internet to plan our awesome space activities, but we could only do so much. There are so many other wonderful space activities for kids out there, and in this post I have compiled them into one place for you. Indeed, in this post you will find a list of over 50 space activities for kids. This list includes activities to learn about astronauts and space travel, the planets and solar system, the sun, the moon, the stars and … [Read more...]

Constellations 3-Part Cards {Montessori}

Constellations 3-part cards || Gift of Curiosity

When my kids and I studied the constellations during our space unit a while back, I looked around for Montessori constellation cards. I was not able to find a set that included all of the constellations I was looking for. So today I decided to create my own set of 24 Montesstori Constellations 3-Part Cards for you to use with your children or students. I hope you'll find these solar system 3-part cards to be a good resource for teaching your kids about the sun, moon, and planets. Note: Find more solar system printables on my Space Unit Study page.  My Constellations 3-Part Cards include … [Read more...]

Letter Pop {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Letter Pop || Gift of Curiosity

Want to add a little "pop" to your letter learning activities? Then this activity has just when you need! In the next installment of my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series, I'm sharing an activity called Letter Pop that will provide just the "bang" you need to get your kids excited about the alphabet! To play Letter Pop, you'll need several balloons, a permanent marker, and some painter's tape. Start by blowing up several balloons and using a permanent marker to write a letter of the alphabet on them. Use the painter's tape to adhere them to the wall. Now comes the fun … [Read more...]

Learning in the kitchen: Math, literacy, and science for kids

Learning in the Kitchen WCWK

Today I'm thrilled to welcome Michelle Stern as a guest writer here at Gift of Curiosity. Michelle writes the blog What's Cooking with Kids, which is all about getting kids involved with cooking to promote a healthy body, a healthy planet, and a healthy community. Today she is sharing some ideas for helping kids learn math, literacy, and science in the kitchen. And be sure to grab a copy of the free printable she's offering at the end of this post! Welcome Michelle! Learning in the kitchen After 16 years combined of teaching high school biology and cooking classes to children, two … [Read more...]

Free alphabet printables for teaching letter recognition, letter formation, and letter sounds

Free Alphabet Printables || Gift of Curiosity

For over a year now I have been publishing ideas for helping kids learn their letters in my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series. As part of that series I have created a number of alphabet printables that support kids to who are learning letter recognition, letter formation, letter sounds, and uppercase and lowercase letter matching. In this post I've compiled all the free alphabet printables I have created so far so you can find them all in one easy location. Whether your child loves cars, rainbows, games, or working on their fine motor skills, you'll find an alphabet printable here that … [Read more...]

Beginning Sounds Bingo Game {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Beginning Sounds Bingo || Gift of Curiosity

I find playing games with my kids to be one of the best ways to engage them in learning. In the next installment of my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series I am sharing a printable game that helps kids develop their skills for identifying the initial sounds of words. I hope your children will enjoy my Beginning Sounds Bingo Game as they develop their phonics skills. Beginning Sounds Bingo is a Bingo game in which the playing cards feature 26 pictures, each of which starts with a sound corresponding to the 26 letters of the alphabet. Every playing card includes images for all 26 … [Read more...]

Number hop {gross motor number game}

Number hop || Gift of Curiosity

This activity is ridiculously easy to set up. But it's also an effective way to support kids who are working on number recognition, because it gets them moving around and having fun. Try Number Hop with your child and see how it goes! For number hop, the only materials you need are cards with numbers written on them. We used our Math Wipe Clean Activity Flash Cards for this activity, but you could just as easily write numbers on pieces of paper. I spread our number cards on the floor where we had a bit of open space. (I also threw in some shape cards for good measure.) Then I … [Read more...]