Teaching character development through literature

Peekapak Review || Gift of Curiosity

As parents and teachers, we all want the children we care for to grow into people of good character. We want our children to be honest, kind, and helpful. We want our children to show gratitude for the blessings in their lives. We want our children to think of others in addition to themselves. In fact, there is so much that I want for my two children that sometimes the burden of being responsible for molding their character seems like an overwhelming responsibility. How do I help my kids develop the kind of character I want for them? How do I support them to become the kind of people that … [Read more...]

Arctic Animals Do-a-Dot Printables {free}

Arctic Animals Do-a-Dot Printables Pack || Gift of Curiosity

Ever since we studied Arctic animals two years ago, I've been fascinated by the Arctic region and the amazing animals that thrive in that environment. So I was thrilled to find some clipart featuring 12 different Arctic animals. As soon as I saw the artwork I knew I was destined to create an Arctic Animals Do-a-Dot Printables pack for your little ones. Note: You'll find more resources for learning about Arctic animals on my Polar Animals and Lands Unit Study page. My Arctic Animals Do-a-Dot Printables pack contains 26 pages of Arctic animals do-a-dot worksheets. As kids complete these … [Read more...]

Marbleized heart craft for Valentine’s Day

Marbleized hearts Valentine craft || Gift of Curiosity

This marbleized heart craft is not only a really fun art project, it can double as a Valentine decoration or card as well! Note: For more Valentine crafts, see my Valentine Activities for Kids page.  To make this marbleized heart craft, I started by gathering the following materials: Trays to contain the mess Cardstock (or thick paper) Shaving cream (aka, shaving foam) Various colors of liquid watercolor paints (Ours are from Discount School Supply, but you can also find other brands on Amazon.) Kid-size craft gloves to protect my kids' sensitive skin Squeegee My … [Read more...]

Valentine Bingo game {free printable}

Valentine Bingo Game || Gift of Curiosity

Bingo is a classic kids' game. Today I'm offering a Valentine's Day twist on this classic game with my free Valentine Bingo game printable. Note: You can find this and other Valentine activities on my Valentine activities for kids page. There are a total of 10 different playing cards in the set. I printed three for my kids and I to enjoy. I used red, purple, and white "dots" from our Spielgaben set as place markers. We took turns selecting a calling card and naming the image on the card. And then we marked the images on our cards. You can play blackout Bingo, … [Read more...]

Valentine Printable Pack {100+ pages of free worksheets}

Valentine printable pack 2015 cover

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday? Before kids, I mostly thought of Valentine's Day as a romantic holiday. But since having kids, I have re-discovered the joy of celebrating Valentine's Day for its message of kindness, friendship, and appreciating love in all its various forms. To celebrate the kind of pure and sweet love that children have for others, I'm releasing my Valentine Printable Pack. This is the largest and most comprehensive of my Valentine's Day printables. Note: For more Valentine activities and printables your kids will love, see my Valentine … [Read more...]

11 snowman crafts to make this winter

11 snowman crafts || Gift of Curiosity

Does it snow where you live? From where we live, we have to drive a couple of hours to get to any decent snow. But lack of snow needn't stop you from making snowmen this year! And even if you have snow, you might enjoy making snowmen indoors while warm and comfortable in your home or classroom. Check out these 11 fun snowman crafts you can make with the kids this winter. If you wish to pin any of these ideas, please click through to the article for each snowman craft and pin directly from the article rather than from this page. Thanks! Note: You'll find more resources for winter learning … [Read more...]

DIY treasure chest craft

Lucky Treasure Chest || Gift of Curiosity

Do your children grab every bag, box, and container in sight to store their special items? Mine sure do! So together we made this lucky treasure chest craft using painted craft sticks to give them a special place to store their "treasure." Note: For more kid-friendly craft ideas, see my arts and crafts for kids page. We completed our treasure chests in two phases. The first phase involved painting our craft sticks. I set out a tray for each of my children with the following materials: A handful of craft sticks A plastic paint palette filled with several colors of liquid watercolor … [Read more...]

Children’s books about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Books for kids about Martin Luther King Jr || Gift of Curiosity

On January 19 of this year, the United States will celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day to honor Dr. King and his work to achieve equity for blacks people in the pre-civil rights era. Dr. King is today best known for his "I have a dream" speech during the march on Washington. And while I grew up mostly thinking of him as someone who gave speeches and led a bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, his most important work may have been his efforts to end the terror of living as a black person in the South. If you would like to share a bit about King's life and legacy with the children in your … [Read more...]