Easy seed medallions fine motor craft for kids

Seed medallions || Gift of Curiosity

I've been sharing a number of activities we did to learn about seeds. This seed medallions craft was a fun way to incorporate seeds into an arts and crafts project. It was also a great way to build fine motor skills. Note: For more seed activities your kids will love, see my Botany Unit Study page. To make our seed medallions, I started by gathering seeds in a variety of colors. I also focused on selecting fairly large seeds so they would be easy for my kids to handle, which meant that most of our seeds were some type of bean or lentil. Most of these seeds were ones that we already had … [Read more...]

A solution for the kid who chews everything

ChewiGems || Gift of Curiosity

My son is a chewer. By this, I mean that he loves to chew on things that aren't meant to be chewed. The irony in this is that when we adopted him at 18 months of age, his chewing skills were so underdeveloped that he couldn't even eat solid foods unless we pureed them to the consistency of baby food. Over time, of course, he learned to chew food. And he also developed a penchant for chewing on lots of other things as well. For months we battled with him about chewing things he was not supposed to chew. Then I recently learned about a new solution for his need to chew that has made a big … [Read more...]

Bee Do-a-Dot Printables {free}

Bee Do-a-Dot Printables || Gift of Curiosity

Among kids, bees have a mixed reputation. One the one hand, kids are often afraid of bees because they sting. And on the other hand, who doesn't love the sweet honey that bees make? Bees are such a fascinating topic for preschoolers to study. Did you know that in the US and several other countries bees are dying off at an alarming rate? This is problematic because bees are important pollinators. Bees may be responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat, because they carry pollen that helps apples, oranges, and many other foods grow. With spring approaching soon, I thought it … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Sudoku {free printable}

St Patricks Day Sudoku || Gift of Curiosity

This week I'm excited to share my newest printable - a St. Patrick's Sudoku Puzzle! Hopefully your children will have the luck of the Irish as they work to complete these fun little puzzles. Note: This and other St. Patrick’s printables can be found on my St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids page.  Sudoku is a great way to exercise one's brain with fun, engaging, puzzles that stimulate critical thinking and cognitive skills. The goal of Sudoku is to fill in a 9×9 grid such that each row, column, and 3×3 sub-grid includes one and only one of each digit from 1 to 9. Depending on the number … [Read more...]

One simple trick to help kids solve conflict quickly and peacefully

Solving conflict || Gift of Curiosity

If you have more than one child, or if you work in a classroom full of students, you know that kids frequently get into disagreements with one another. Many of those disagreements are over simple - dare I call them silly? - things like who gets to use the scissors first, whose turn it is to feed the hamster, or who gets to sit on the right side of the rug. When these kinds of conflicts arise, I've discovered a very quick, very simple trick that helps my kids solve their disagreements peacefully nearly 100% of the time. In fact, you may already know this trick but never thought to use it to … [Read more...]

Sprouting seeds {preschool botany}

Sprouting seeds || Gift of Curiosity

Last spring my kids and I spent several weeks learning about seeds. This is the fourth of several planned posts sharing all of the wonderful ways we learned about seeds during our preschool seed unit. In this post I'm focusing on a seed sprouting activity we did to explore how seeds work and to observe the great variety in the leaves that shoot out of them when they sprout. Sprouting seeds with my kids was a real highlight of our seed unit. It is so simple to do and kids just love it! Note: For more seed activities your kids will love, see my Botany Unit Study page. Although it … [Read more...]

3-D shapes graphing game

3-D shapes graphing game || Gift of Curiosity

In recent months I have been making an effort to teach my kids to recognize and name common 3-D shapes like sphere, cube, prism, etc. But my goal has been to teach these shapes entirely through play, rather than through any sort of boring or rote method. In a previous post I shared some playful ways I have been teaching 3-D shapes. I've also shared a fun game where my kids identified 3-D shapes by touch and an activity that focused my kids on the surfaces that make up various 3-D shapes. In this post I'm sharing a 3-D shapes graphing game we played that reinforced the names of six different … [Read more...]

Books about ladybugs for kids

Books about ladybugs for kids || Gift of Curiosity

Of all the insects in the world, ladybugs somehow manage to seem the most friendly. Growing up, I was always keen to hold a ladybug even when I was not a fan of many other insects. If you've got little ones who are fascinated by ladybugs, the books below would be a great starting point for indulging their interests. The non-fiction books about ladybugs reviewed below are a great resource for teaching kids about the ladybug life cycle. Although I highly recommend you pair reading these books with observing the ladybug life cycle in action by raising your own ladybugs in a Ladybug Land. Note: … [Read more...]