Montessori sandpaper letters {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Montessori sandpaper letters || Gift of Curiosity

The next installment in my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series is a long overdue post about one of the most basic, but also effective, tools I like to use for teaching my kids how to form their letters: Montessori sandpaper letters! When I was first starting to educate my kids at home, I was very inspired by the Montessori way of doing education. I learned early on about the use of sandpaper letters in the language area of the Montessori classroom, and I decided to invest in a set of uppercase and lowercase sandpaper letter cards. Sandpaper letters have been a staple tool in Montessori … [Read more...]

What weighs more than an apple? {preschool math activity}

What weighs more than an apple || Gift of Curiosity

I enjoy teaching kids about weights and measures, which are great topics to cover in preschool and kindergarten. We have done several activities using a balance scale over the years, such as our Easter Egg balance scale activity. As part of our apple unit, however, I wanted to add a bit more complexity to our balance scale activities. Therefore, I asked my kids the question, "What weighs more than an apple?" Note: For more apple activities, see my Apple Unit Study page. Apples are different sizes, of course. But we decided to use a medium sized green apple we had in the kitchen as our … [Read more...]

Extension activities for Ten Apples Up on Top

Extension activities for Ten Apples Up on Top || Gift of Curiosity

With the approach of apple season, parents and teachers everywhere are dusting off copies of Ten Apples Up on Top by Theo LeSieg, aka Dr. Seuss. This book is a fall classic written in typical Dr. Seuss style. It features animals attempting to outdo each other by balancing more and more apples on their heads. Lots of creative bloggers have shared fun extension activities to do with Ten Apples Up on Top. From math games to crafts to sensory bins and more, you will find some great ideas for using this book as the starting point for some great learning. These are wonderful activities to do during … [Read more...]

Apple Montessori activities

Apple Montessori activities || Gift of Curiosity

Fall is just around the corner, and the apples will soon be ripening on the tree. So it's the perfect time for an apple unit study! In this post I'm sharing 10 different apple Montessori activities that would be great for 2 to 5 year olds. Note: For more apple activities, see my Apple Unit Study page. Apple fine motor Montessori activity I placed some red glass gems in a small bowl, some scissor scoops, and a silicone mold with apple shaped holes on a tray. Kids can use the scissor scoops to pick up the red glass gems and place them one-by-one into the apple shaped holes. This activity … [Read more...]

Writing letters in apple sauce {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Writing letters in apple sauce || Gift of Curiosity

The next installment in my 101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet Series involves writing letters in apple sauce. This activity combines letter writing practice with a fun sensory experience. It is also taste safe, so kids can lick their hands (or table top?!? :-) ) when they are done! (It goes without saying that this activity is not appropriate for children who are allergic to apples or any of the other ingredients in apple sauce.)  This is a no-stress letter practice exercise for kids. Because they are writing in apple sauce, there is no pressure to make the letters "perfect" because there is … [Read more...]

Apple fine motor game using tongs

Apple fine motor game || Gift of Curiosity

My kids love any excuse to run around and go crazy. So when we did our apple unit last fall, I planned an outdoor activity that would allow them to do just that. Plus, I added some tongs to work on their fine motor skills. And voila! This apple fine motor game was created! Note: For more apple activities, see my Apple Unit Study page. For our apple unit, I had purchased a number of plastic apples in both red and green colors. For this activity, we went outside and laid the apples out on the driveway by spreading them out a bit. I then provided each kid with a pail and a set of … [Read more...]

My Apple Counting Book {free printable}

My Apple Counting Book || Gift of Curiosity

Today I'm sharing a fun little printable book that works on counting skills. "My Apple Counting Book" is a handy resource for use during a preschool or kindergarten apple unit to support the development of early math skills. Kids will enjoy creating their own fill-in-the-apples book to share with others. Note: For more apple activities, see my Apple Unit Study page. Here is a sneak peak at the pages included in the My Apple Counting Book printable. You may wish to print and assemble the book ahead of time. Then have your child identify the numbers on each page and add the … [Read more...]

Science experiments, science freebies, and science books!

Science from Educents || Gift of Curiosity

Regular readers of Gift of Curiosity will know that we absolutely *LOVE* doing science activities around here! Science is such a great way to bring hands-on learning to any classroom or homeschool. And kids get a kick out of learning about the world they live in through fun and engaging science projects. Right now, Educents is making it easy to engage your kids in fun science experiments, science freebies, and science books that will make back-to-school more fun for everyone - regardless of whether you are a teacher, homeschool parent, or parent of children who attend traditional … [Read more...]