Black Friday deals

Black Friday Deals || Gift of Curiosity

Check out the Kiwi Crate Black Friday sale to get 60% off your first month when you sign up for a new subscription. (Valid until 12/1/14.) Green Kid Crafts is offering 70% off the first month of all new subscriptions plus free shipping on all individual boxes when you use the code BLACKFRI. (Valid until 12/1/14.) Save 50% on all monthly subscriptions and lock in Peekapaks for only $9.99/mo when you use the code PRESALE.  Discover the world of Peekapak where the magic of storytelling is combined with the excitement of hands-on crafts! (Valid on 11/28/14 only, although you can … [Read more...]

Best gifts for active kids

Best gifts for active kids || Gift of Curiosity

Most kids need to be active. Being active is good for our health, of course. But exercise is not just good for cardiovascular health. Kids' brains also seem to function much better when they are able to move and be active. Indeed, research suggests that physical exercise promotes learning in addition to physical fitness. Although all the bouncing around my kids like to do sometimes drives me nuts, I find it preferable to give them appropriate outlets for their energy rather than trying to suppress it. Fortunately, there are so many great ways for kids to be active both indoors and … [Read more...]

Christmas Do-a-Dot Printables

Christmas Do-a-Dot Printables Pack || Gift of Curiosity

I have updated my Christmas Do-a-Dot Printables, and I am very excited to share this expanded Christmas Do-a-Dot Printables pack with you! These are a great resource for keeping little ones entertained this holiday season. Hopefully your kids will have so much fun they won't even realize they are learning at the same time! Note: For more Christmas printables your kids will love, see my Christmas Activities for Kids page.  My Christmas Do-a-Dot Printables pack contains 35 pages of Christmas do-a-dot worksheets. As kids complete these worksheets, they will work on one-to-one … [Read more...]

Pirate Montessori Activities

Pirate Montessori Activities || Gift of Curiosity

Earlier this year the kids and I did an awesome Pirate unit as part of our homeschool. We did so many different pirate activities, including making our own telescope, playing with our pirate sensory bin, and so much more. In this post I'm detailing the Pirate Montessori activities that went on our shelves during the course of our Pirate unit. For our pirate Montessori activities I used printables from my own Pirate Printable Pack, but I also benefitted a lot from printables created by other bloggers. I have included links to those other printables below. I hope you enjoy taking a look at our … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving letter sounds matching game {free printable}

Thanksgiving letter sounds matching game || Gift of Curiosity

Today I'm pleased to release a Thanksgiving letter sounds matching game that is perfect for kids who are working on identifying letters and their sounds. Note: For more Thanksgiving printables your kids will love, see my Thanksgiving Activities for Kids page.  There are two pages included in this printable. The first page has nine letter cards, and the second page has nine Thanksgiving pictures that begin with the sounds found on the letter cards. I played this game with XGirl. I had her start by laying all the letter cards on the table so she could see them. (Some kids may require … [Read more...]

Best gifts for kids who love to build things

Best building toys for kids || Gift of Curiosity

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a fan of building toys. As a child I played with Lincoln Logs, LEGOs, and other building toys. My goal is to pass my love of building and constructing on to my children. I believe that playing with building toys teaches kids so many valuable skills. And after all, who doesn't love hands-on learning? Naturally, I enjoy giving my kids building toys for them to tinker with and explore. Note: For more great gift ideas for kids of all ages and interests, see my gift guides page.  Below I have complied a list of 15 of the best building toys for kids … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving search games {free customizable printable}

Thanksgiving search games || Gift of Curiosity

After I published my Halloween Search Games printable last month, I had some requests to offer a Thanksgiving Search Games printable as well. Today I am fulfilling that request! Search games have been a big hit at our house lately. Both of my kids beg me to play search games with them when I put them on our shelves. You might be asking: What are search games? Search games, as we play them, are a fun hide-and-seek game that allows kids to practice skills such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors, sight words, math facts, and much more. Note: For more Thanksgiving printables your kids will … [Read more...]

Egg carton number matching game

Egg carton number matching || Gift of Curiosity

Earlier this year XGirl learned to identify all of her numbers from 0 through 10. This egg carton number matching game was one of the activities I put together to help her learn her numbers. Note: For more activities, resources, and printables for teaching numbers, see my math activities for kids page. For this activity, I had an egg carton that I labeled with numbers. (Our egg carton was red, but of course you can use a plain egg carton for this activity as well.) I also punched a small hole into the top of each egg holder. (A nail would be the perfect size for the creating the … [Read more...]