Encourage a love of reading: Make your child the star of his or her own book {KD Novelties giveaway}

Encourage a love of reading by making your child the start of his or her own book || Gift of Curiosity

Note: This is a sponsored post. I received two books for free as well as additional books to giveaway for writing this post on behalf of KD Novelties. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own.  Savvy teachers know that the key to engaging a student is to make the learning personal to the child. So if a child likes dinosaurs, a teacher might have her add and subtract dinosaur figures. Or if a child loves outer space, the teacher might have him write a story about a trip to out space. Needless to say, the idea of making learning personal also applies to … [Read more...]

Painting with apples {apple art project for preschoolers}

Painting with apples || Gift of Curiosity

After we went apple picking last year, we ended up with 24 pounds of apples that we needed to use up. That's a lot of apples!!  So in addition to comparing the tastes of different apples, we decided to do some painting with apples. There's nothing particularly fancy about this activity. I simply wanted to give my kids a unique "brush" to use for a painting project as a way for them to experiment with different ways of doing art. Note: For more kid-friendly apple activities, see my apple unit study page.  I started by creating a few different apple "brushes" for my kids to play with by … [Read more...]

Creative alphabet activities to help kids learn their letters {Weekly Kids’ Co-op}

Fun and creative alphabet activities || Gift of Curiosity

My daughter is in her final year before kindergarten (officially she's in transition kindergarten, which is a California specific year of schooling for kids with who turn five in the fall). XGirl knows many of her letters already, but my goal is for her to know all of them before she starts kindergarten next year. We do lots of letter practice each week, which you can read about in my post sharing my favorite tools for teaching letters and numbers. At the same time, I'm always on the lookout for more great letter learning ideas to help her. In this post I'm sharing some fun and creative … [Read more...]

Vegetable people craft

Make your own vegetable people || Gift of Curiosity

Several months ago we planted a small spring vegetable garden that included three zucchini plants. I'll be honest and say that I have not done the best job of tending to the plants. {sheepish grin} One result is that we have ended up with a few ENORMOUS zucchinis on our vine that were simply too big to eat. So what was I do with do some humongous zucchinis? Turn them into a fun craft project for my kids, of course! With just a few craft supplies, we turned our giant zucchinis into some really cute vegetable people. Perhaps this vegetable people craft will inspire your kids as … [Read more...]

Farm Do-a-Dot Printables

Farm Do-a-Dot Printables || Gift of Curiosity

Fall is a great time to do a farm unit with kids. It's when the crops are in and harvest festivals abound. Last fall, my kids and I completed a life on the farm unit study. At the time, I put out a set of Farm Do-a-Dot Printables that included several farm animals. Well, I recently updated my Farm Do-a-Dot Printables to includes lots more activities and lots more skill building. And best of all, today I'm sharing my printables with you! Note: For more do-a-dot printables, see my do-a-dot printables page. Plus, see my post sharing 15+ ideas for using do-a-dot markers for learning.  My … [Read more...]

Estimating the circumference of an apple {apple math}

Estimating the circumference of an apple || Gift of Curiosity

During our apple unit, we of course studied apples themselves. But I also wanted to use apples to explore other parts of the curriculum like science, literacy, and math. In this post I'm sharing an activity in which we used apples to practice the math skills of estimation and measurement. Estimating the circumference of an apple is a very easy activity you can do with just a few basic materials and virtually no prep time. And it provides kids with a fun and tangible way to think about size, length, and potentially how to use a ruler. Note: For more apple activities, see my apple unit … [Read more...]

10 apple activities to do with your kids this fall

10 apple activities to do with your kids this fall || Gift of Curiosity

At last week's Kids' Co-op I shared some apple-themed learning activities, and this week I'm back to share even more apple activities. There have been so many wonderful apple-inspired ideas floating around right now that I just couldn't help myself! So whether you are looking for apple sensory play, apple fine motor play, apple Montessori ideas, apple math, or more, check out the 10 fun apple activities below that are just perfect for fall! Note: For more apple activities, see my Apple unit study page.  Bobbing for apples fine motor play from Fantastic Fun and Learning 9 … [Read more...]

Sight word ball toss game

Sight word ball toss game || Gift of Curiosity

QBoy is in a sensitive period for language right now, and his reading skills are just exploding. He is sounding out words left and right, and his sight word vocabulary is growing quickly as well. This sight word ball toss game was a fun way for him to practice his reading skills in a very active way. Anytime I can combine gross motor play with literacy learning, it's a win-win in my book! XGirl also got to join in the fun to focus on learning her letters. This game can easily be adapted to practice a whole variety of skills from letter learning to sight words to math facts and … [Read more...]