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Chinese New Year begins on January 31 this year. According to the Chinese Zodiac, we will be entering the year of the horse. In an effort to raise my kids with a good understanding of multiple cultures, our family celebrates Chinese New Year in our own little way. As part of those celebrations, I’m releasing my Chinese New Year Do-a-Dot Printables pack. This pack includes 15 Chinese New Year do-a-dot worksheets designed to help kids practice a range of skills including one-to-one correspondence, shapes, letter recognition, counting, and number recognition.

Chinese New Year Do-a-Dot Printables || Gift of Curiosity

To complete the activities in my Chinese New Year Do-a-Dot Printables pack, I recommend using Do-a-Dot markers.

Do-a-dot markers are a great option for young children who don’t yet have the fine motor control to use a pencil. Using do-a-dot markers, kids can color in pictures, hunt for items in a worksheet, and express themselves creatively at a young age.

But don’t think that do-a-dot markers are only for toddlers and preschoolers! Kids of any age are likely to enjoy using do-a-dot markers. I know that my kids get much more excited about doing worksheets with do-a-dot markers than with regular pencils or crayons.

Below is a sneak peak at the pages included in this download:

Chinese New Year Do-a-Dot Printables: 15 Chinese New Year do-a-dot worksheets designed to help kids practice a range of skills including one-to-one correspondence, letter recognition, counting, and number recognition || Gift of Curiosity

The activities in this do-a-dot pack cover a range of skills, so the worksheets in this pack are likely to appeal to toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students.

Click here to download your copy of the
Chinese New Year Do-a-Dot Printables!

For more Chinese New Year ideas, please see my Chinese New Year activities for kids page, my Chinese New Year printables page, and my Chinese New Year Pinterest page

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